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TanakaKPCC reporter Frank Stoltze pondered in a recent article of his “What happened to LA Sheriff candidate Paul Tanaka?“.  After reading yet another article discussing the closure of Paul’s campaign office and his failure to return his phone call, I immediately called Paul to arrange meeting over lunch.  He responded immediately and confirmed.  We chose to meet in Gardena to discuss his candidacy and squash rumors he dropped out of the race.

We sat down for a great lunch and Paul was shocked to find out I took the bus from Inglewood to meet him.  We then went on to discuss how I felt about the safety on LACMTA, since the L.A. County Sheriff provides the security.  I explained how I only see sheriff’s present on the Expo Line, Red Line and of course they are all over the Blue Line.  Rarely, if at all, do I see them on the bus lines.  I shared a recent incident on the northbound 210 where gang members were ready to fight and I was all but begging the driver to let me off.

Paul shared that he primarily takes the Gardena transit lines and the Metro lines heading into the South Bay, which are safer than the lines traveling northbound through South Los Angeles.  He feels you should feel safe on any Metro line, whether its bus or rail, since it is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s department to ensure that they are.

We also discussed his campaign office and why Stoltze is so obsessed with his office being closed.  Paul isn’t running for President of the United States is he?  It got to the point that Tanaka’s campaign had to put out a tweet to tell everyone he is still in the race.  Why should he?  Is Stoltze doing his homework on other candidates offices who are closed as well during the summer months?  2UrbanGirls did.

Tina McKinnor, campaign manager for 62nd Assembly candidate Autumn R. Burke, was contacted about their office being closed.  Reached on Sunday, McKinnor was very open about the fact the lease only ran through June and they would start back up in three weeks.  When i asked if this were standard, she replied:

yes.  Residents have heard from us for two months and they don’t need to hear from us during the summer.

Brittany Crockett, campaign manager for 64th Assembly candidate Prophet Walker, also shared their office is closed until August 20th when volunteers are back preparing for the campaign kickoff on September 20th.

Paul Tanaka is doing nothing differently than any other campaign in the South Bay.  His office and team will ramp up in September and don’t be surprised when you hear the Urban Girls voice on the other side of your phone.

We wrapped up our lunch with Paul giving me a lift back to Inglewood.  After our discussion on the safety of the buses, he wanted to ensure not only that I made it safely but also assured me if he is elected as the next Sheriff of Los Angeles County, he would ensure there would be more deputy presence on the bus lines. As a regular bus rider, that’s very important to me.

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  2. 2UrbanGirls says:

    Now Metro discusses the lack of oversight on the Metro bus/rail lines…

  3. John Smith says:

    There are only two reasons to close your campaign office. Either you are way ahead and don’t need to campaign (Autumn Burke is 20 points up) or you have thrown in the towel because you are too far behind (Prophet Walker is 30 points behind Mike Gipson). In TANAKA’s case, it is the latter. He has thrown in the towel because he is 30 points behind Jim McDonnell. What you forgot to mention in your article is that his campaign consultant is no longer working for Tanaka. He, too, has thrown in the towel. If you are really competing and behind the front runner, you go all out and continue campaigning every day and every night. Tanaka is duping this reporter just as he duped his supporters and donors. He knows he lost and he is saving his sheriff’s campaign money/donations for his Gardena war chest. He will make a few appearances just to appear legitimate and to keep his followers (and this reporter) on the hook. Only a fool would follow this man or believe anything he says. Just watch and see how little he spends in the upcoming months. A sign of someone competing and going all in!!!?? Fools!!!

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      Paul Tanka is very much still in this race. Taking into consideration every major news media source is begging to interview with him along with your commenting on this article, shows there is still much interest in him and his candidacy. We will be looking into the Long Beach Police Department more closely as well.

      Its amazing that the 2nd largest city in L.A. County has rid themselves of gang problems with their latest budget for 2014-15 allocating zero funding for the Long Beach Police Field Anti-Gang Units. In light of LAPD misclassifying 1200 violent crimes as minor, it is imperative a similar investigation is done into the LBPD. You see, wasn’t McDonnell a high ranking LAPD at one time himself?

      • John Smith says:

        Every major news media has reached out to him because he is running for sheriff of the largest county in the country AND he is a controversial candidate. Don’t mistake that for electability.

        Let’s just watch and see how much money he can raise and how much he spends. That will be the true test. If he can’t raise money, he cannot compete no matter what stories you put out about Long Beach. If he doesn’t spend all his current money, he isn’t competing at all and he is fooling all of his supporters.

        • 2UrbanGirls says:

          We have nearly 2 1/2 months before the November election. Most MSM want to rehash the same stories or make stories out of nothing as Frank Stoltze did pondering over his office closing.

          The Sheriff organization is one of the largest in the United States, with responsibilities that go beyond just covering the jails. Perhaps if media outlets focused on the functions of the Sheriff, and how they will be handled, would provide voters a more balanced perception of both candidates.

          Issues arising within Long Beach Police Department don’t need to be “dug up” because they are being shared with this writer. It”s not all peaches and cream in that organization. Let’s keep in mind, at one point Jim McDonnell was a member of LAPD who was second in command over the May Day melee in MacArthur Park.

          There are also discussions of racial profiling occurring in Long Beach, as outlined in this article

  4. […] safe on any Metro line, whether its bus or rail, since it is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s department to ensure that they […]

  5. […] safe on any Metro line, whether its bus or rail, since it is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s department to ensure that they […]

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