Is Jim McDonnells Sheriff Campaign in Trouble

jim mcdonnellHMG-CN is reporting L.A. County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell sent out a questionable email soliciting donations, via a nonprofit agency, which is against the law.  Sam Olivito, the Executive Director of the California Contract Cities Association told HMG-CN that the email “did not in any way seek campaign donations to the McDonnell campaign. To do so would be in violation of our state 501-C (6) non-profit status.”

Apparently the campaign manager pulled a switcheroo and emailed a solicitation without Mr. Olivito’s knowledge.  Becca Doten the former Chief of Staff to convicted felon Richard Alarcon is managing the McDonnell campaign.  HMG-CN also received the email in question.

“The donation solicitation was not in the final draft email that I approved that the McDonnell Paul TanakaCampaign sent out. I am trying to talk to the McDonnell campaign to find out how it happened and how to correct the situation,” Olivito said.

Is this the type of behavior we can expect from Jim McDonnell where he allows his staff do unethical things, which could possibly jeopardize others, for his own political gain?

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Don’t forget to tune in to the KDAY Community Show on 93.5 FM this Sunday, August 31, at 6AM, to listen to Paul Tanaka discuss his candidacy and how he will reform the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

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