Digital Video Security for Parks, MTA Facility and Forum area at no cost to the General Fund


Inglewood Mayor James Butts announced today that Leverage Information Systems (LIS) has been selected to purchaseequipment and services to add to the City’s existing wireless network and camera security project. The agreement between LIS and the City will not require the use of any monies from the general fund and is 100 percent funded through a grant.

“In recent years cities across the country have increased the use of surveillance cameras toaide in their crime prevention efforts,” explained Mayor Butts. “Cities that use cameras have noticed an almost instant decrease in criminal activity and 911 calls in and near the area where the cameras are installed. Cameras have also been found to be excellent for evidentiary purposes. Many cities have been able to capture video of crimes and later extract the footage to capture and prosecute individuals. The City has been actively seeking funding to expand the existing camera infrastructure to cover more areas within the City. All of this is about keeping Inglewood residents and visitors safe.”

During the first phase, cameras will be installed in downtown Inglewood near the MTA bus facility on La Brea Avenue, Siminiski Park (9717 Inglewood Avenue), and the immediate area surround the Forum (3900 W. Manchester Blvd.)

The total cost of the agreement with LIS is $308,674, which includes a 10% contingency in the amount of $28,061.23.

Currently the City of Inglewood has cameras installed at critical infrastructures, which could potentially be targeted during an act of terrorism. These locations include the Sanford M. Anderson Water Treatment Plant and four water wells located in the southern portion of the City. Theproposed future expansion will include other critical infrastructures and areas with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic such as Darby and Rogers Parks.

The selection of LIS was voted on by the city council on August 5, 2014.

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