CHP beating victim, Marlene Pinnock, finally speaks out

photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times

photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Marlene Pinnock, the woman who was videotaped being beat by a CHP on the side of the 10 freeway is speaking out.  2UrbanGirls believes wholewheartedly that the CHP officer was overzealous in his actions, yet doesn’t sympathize with someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions.

In this Los Angeles Times article she is quoted telling KTLA news, she feared for her life due to the officer punching her.

I couldn’t believe he just threw me down and started beating me down and treating me ugly,” Pinnock told KTLA. “The video footage helped prove that what I’m saying is the truth, and I’m really grateful for that.”


At no time in the article does she express fear of possibly being hit by a car nor does she state she shouldn’t have been walking on the freeway in the first place.


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