Best kept secret in the City of Compton

voter fraudApril 16, 2013, the City of Compton held elections for various public offices.  Treasurer candidate, Jasper Jackson, ran against the incumbent, Douglas Sanders, who has held the seat for over a decade, and lost.  Sanders father was the cities previous city treasurer before he passed away.

Several media outlets cited questionable events leading up to the April election which was concerning to the candidates and residents.

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Jackson filed suit against the city clerk, Alita Godwin, citing voter fraud and wanted the election results thrown out.  The case originally went to court August 7, 2014, and enough evidence was presented to substantiate the case going to trial.  The trial was scheduled to start today, August 7, 2014, however, the case has been continued to Sept. 23rd, since the district attorney’s office has got involved due to “possible criminal activity”.

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2UrbanGirls has made several inquiries into the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office to inquire how their department, who receives both birth and death certificates, and also controls the voter rolls, finds it difficult to purge the rolls as death certificates are filed.

When this author worked the voting polls back in June, many residents were upset besides their name was “VBM” vote by mail, meaning they already voted. They were adamant they had not.  Is this where the discrepancies occur?  The vote by mail ballots?

This case will shed some much-needed light on how dead persons are still listed as “A” (active) voters long after their death.

Case #:           BS142759
Case Name:    Jasper Jackson versus Alita Godwin/City of Compton
Court:            Los Angeles Superior Court
Department:   82 (2nd Floor)
Address:         111 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles 90012


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