Joseph F. Mailander explains the charter school phenomenon in Los Angeles

photo: Joseph F. Mailander's Twitter

photo: Joseph F. Mailander’s Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform.  I interact with the likes of USC Law Professor Jody Armour, fellow blogger Mayor Sam, a cool cat named Oscar, I think, Larry Elder has had a lively discussion with me along with a slew of residents throughout the nation.  One who I have a particular infinity for, Joseph F. Mailander, is a city of Hawthorne native, who is always happy to engage in twitter banter with yours truly. He has flattered me with a shout out in a couple of his articles.  As I do my research for LAUSD school board candidates, I wondered about the origins of the “reform” on education.  Who best to ask?  Mr. Mailander of course.

Mailander has a website of his own, and is a noted political writer for at least two decades, covering politics.  He has previously written for LA Times, LA Daily News, CityWatch LA, LA Alternative Press, LA Downtown News, LA Progressive and LA Weekly.  He is also a UCLA Bruin! jf

Mailander served as a press correspondent for the Ronald Reagan/George Bush campaign and as the Media Team Director for the John Kerry/John Edwards campaign.

Mailander also used to be mayor Eric Garcetti’s go to guy in the press until he wrote LA at Intermission: A City Mingling Towards Identity which got him blocked by Garcetti on Twitter. LOL.

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As the charter school “reform” continues to devastate school districts nationwide, I asked him exactly when did this charter school movement begin in Los Angeles and he directed me to the link below.

Riordan, Broad, the eastside Latino machine, and the legacy of District 5

You never know who you are chatting with on twitter so always be kind, remove your emotions from your fingertips and be open to dialogue.  I’m glad I did!

You can follow him on twitter @jfmailander and for a full list of his written body of work, click here.


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