Inglewood Unified School District State Administrators allow staff to go UNPAID

IUSDInglewood Unified School District’s state appointed administrator, Dr. Don Brann, has made many sweeping changes throughout the district.  Many departments were wiped out in favor of contractors, however, recent events surrounding payroll concerns could place the already cash strapped district in a legal dispute.As the entire payroll department was obliterated and a contractor hired, Inglewood USD employees did not receive their full payroll checks this pay period and Dr. Brann is blaming the error on a “bottle neck” in the payroll department.

Another blow to the storied and highly revered educator who was hand selected by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson to lead the district.

The City of Inglewood held their State of the City address today in which Dr. Brann attended.  Mayor James T. Butts told an excited group of business and community members that Inglewood Unified School District would not need to draw down the remaining $26 million from the SB 533 loan that preempted the district going into conservatorship.  This statement came directly from the office of Dr. Don Brann.

How has Inglewood Unified School District improved under the leadership of Dr. Don Brann and Joe Dominguez?  They continue to tell material falsehoods of the truth to the media in an effort to justify terminating long-term employees, case in point the misrepresentation of the approved Common Core training that was held back in February (see below).

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Our local board was stripped of its powers due to the “alleged” mismanagement of funds and from ground zero in Inglewood, the aforementioned are doing worse than those, we the people, elected.

With all of the new El Segundo/Chevron friends working in both the City of Inglewood and Inglewood Unified School District, it makes this author ponder if there are untapped oil reserves under certain schools throughout the Inglewood Unified School District?  STEM activities, home based gardens provided non gratis from a local non-profit, would allow for pulling of oil samples…and here we are thinking they are fighting over water rights. LOL.

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Here’s your homework…find the boundaries of the Inglewood Oil Field and compare to what is there now against what is to be developed.  Many will argue that the oil drill sites are dried up and no oil is left and if that were really TRUE why would fracking be such a hot topic?


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