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Minority owned business loses multi-million dollar L.A. County Contract

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It isn’t everyday an African-American woman, from the inner-city, starts a successful business, with an annual operating budget in the millions.  Renee Moncito did just that.  Founder of Wings of Refuge, Moncito has had the privilege of serving nearly 1,000 foster youth in her various programs.

Cities can purchase street lights capable of recording our conversations

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The City of Las Vegas has installed street lights that have capabilities of recording your conversations- if they want to.  Currently the lights are installed around Las Vegas City Hall and officials are insistent that they have no plans to use the surveillance feature of the cameras.  If that is the case, what is the […]

Update on fracking meeting at Knox Presbyterian Church in Ladera Heights

An important annual meeting took place in the 54th Assembly District last night, to discuss fracking in the Inglewood Oil Field.  2UrbanGirls is quite sure the candidates:  Christopher Armenta, John Jake and Sebastian Ridley-Thomas will be in attendance to hear how the residents feel on this very important issue effecting their community.  *this story has […]

Mayor Sam speaks with 2UrbanGirls

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The Urban Girl is a regular reader of Los Angeles based political blog titled “Mayor Sam’s Sister City- Home of Los Angeles Politics” and the site is full of interesting tidbits on the political state of the City of Los Angeles.  Many references made throughout this article, are well-known to Mayor Sam’s regular followers, but […]


Is the Game Checkers or Chess?

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In a November 1st article in the Morningside Park Chronicle “What Will the California Department of Finance Decide?” material falsehoods and untruthful representations were printed, and 2UrbanGirls found a few discrepancies.


Are Developers Using Poor Neighborhoods to make Foreign Nationals Rich?

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Unfortunately we can’t link you to the original story in the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ), but apparently they have uncovered a scam that involves developers lying about building in poor areas- like Leimert Park.

Watts Community Studio Survey Result

This summer under the direction of Councilman Buscaino’s Planning Director Alison Becker, the 15th Council District office created the Watts Community Studio which surveyed over 700 residents and fifty businesses in Watts. This was done did in order to establish a very clear picture for the Councilman’s office – illustrating the needs and assets of […]

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