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City of Inglewood Planning Commissioner set to run for West Basin Water Board

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2UrbanGirls is happy to see Inglewood native, Darius Leevy, running for West Basin Municipal Water District.  He is currently the appointed District 1 Planning Commissioner for the City of Inglewood.  As current West Basin representative Gloria D. Gray makes her bid for the 62nd Assembly District, it is refreshing to see another young African-American male stepping […]

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, in his own words

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As we enter the final stretch of the State Assembly race for the 54th district, it is imperative to hear from Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, in his own words, why he is a qualified candidate to hold the position he is seeking. Read for yourself.

City of Inglewood receives $7 million in unused funds from LAWA

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Congratulations to the residents of Inglewood.  On November 14, 2013, LAWA announced Resolution No. 25271 which authorized the release of $7 million in unused funds.  It appears that due to the long-term mismanagement of RSI, by previous Inglewood mayors, LAWA halted distribution of the funds.  With a new plan in place to ensure the homes would […]


Would implementing a dual-immersion language program at Inglewood Unified School District increase enrollment?

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Inglewood residents are quite aware of the balance in racial demographics in the city.  The city is well over 60% Latino.  Latino’s also represent a great percentage of the students in the Inglewood Unified School District.  It is also high time we have a dual-language immersion program in the district to bring children back to […]

Najee Ali wants you to know L.A. activists support Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for State Assembly

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As the race for the 54th State Assembly seat enters its final week frontrunner Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and his family continues to be the target of smear campaigns by the opposing candidate in this race Chris Armenta and his surrogates.

Blind Item: Inglewood Unified School District

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It appears a recently hired elementary school principal may soon be vacating her post.  Apparently she has received notice she is good to go to make a run for public office.  Hopefully IUSD funds aren’t being used to train parents to volunteer on her impending campaign.  After reading the Inglewood FCMAT report, can you blame […]

The Showdown at the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works

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Today’s long-awaited Board of Public Works meeting centered around the recommendation to award a contract for the Hyperion Treatment Plant Digester Gas Utilization Project (DGUF) in the amount of $227 million dollars. 

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