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Is it time to revisit Proposition 13 loopholes

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Brookfield Office Properties, which is in the midst of a major deal to purchase four downtown L.A. skyscrapers for $2.1 billion, is drawing fire from activists seeking to amend Proposition 13. They accuse the company of using a loophole in the law to escape paying tens of millions of dollars in property taxes on the Wells Fargo Tower, KPMG […]

Asset Forfeiture Funds

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Asset Forfeiture Funds (AFF) are monies that are obtained through the selling of individuals personal property, that is confiscated by the state pursuant to the law.

The drama continues at Lennox School District

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Tonight the Lennox School District board of trustees will reconvene and discuss issues surrounding the Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy.  You will recall, the schools principal, Armando Mena, says he was forced to allow LSD trustee Mercedes Ibarra’s daughter to walk for graduation, despite be academically ineligible.

Compton Unified School District busted for cheating on test scores

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As Compton residents prepare to elect new board trustees to the Compton Unified School District, the LA Times is reporting they have been stripped of their scores, on the state’s Academic Performance Index, over claims of cheating, other misconduct or mistakes that affected the handling of standardized tests. 

1975 U.S. Mayors Conference

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The U.S. Mayors Conference (USMC) is a non-partisan body that offers membership to city mayors with a population of more than 30,000 individuals.  USMC holds two annual meetings to discuss their unified mission of promoting the development of effective urban policy, strengthen the federal-city relationships and provide forums to share ideas and strengthen leadership and […]

Decades of Decline: former City of Inglewood Mayor Merle Mergell

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The City of Inglewood was predominantly white until the mid 70’s.  White flight was happening as blacks were moving in.   Blacks were also rising politically: Loyd Sterling Webb was the first black elected to the Inglewood school board and Curtis Tucker Jr was the first black elected to city council.  Simultaneously, Mergell was busy orchestrating the financial ruin of Inglewood.  […]


City of Inglewood opens Teen Center

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The City of Inglewood has partnered with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) to open a  Teen Center in Inglewood.  This is the second Teen Center sponsored in part by the SBWIB, with the first center opening in nearby Hawthorne back in 2008.  Inglewood residents were happy their city was selected and opened for business.

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