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Is this why Herbalife hired Antonio Villaraigosa

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In September Herbalife International announced the hiring of former City of Los Angeles mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, and the Latino community was in an uproar.

Elected officials from Carson attend store opening

A juice bar recently expanded in the City of Carson.  Mayor Jim Dear and two of his biggest critics on council, Lula Davis-Holmes and Mike Gipson were also on hand for the opening.

LAWA responds to 2UrbanGirls

2UrbanGirls is researching why it is taking so long for Inglewood USD to receive LAWA funds to insulate the schools for noise from the airplanes.  An 1980 easement signed by the Inglewood Unified School District shields the airport from further financial responsibility to pay for noise abatement at the schools. 

This and That

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Here’s a roundup on stories not making headlines around Los Angeles County.

Word on the Streets: Compton seniors removed from city council meetings

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The Compton Tribune is an upstart community newspaper based in the City of Compton.  Contributors to the paper include former Compton elected officials, Omar Bradley and Patricia Moore.  Bradley represented District 1 with Moore representing District 2.  They would run against each other in the mayoral election in 1993 with Bradley being victorious. 

Follow up: Are dead people still voting

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Back in August 2UrbanGirls was contacted about possible voter fraud throughout LA County.  Inquiries were sent to the County Recorders office and here is what they said.


What Inglewood official excluded Carlton Square from RSI windows

Inglewood, CA- The Inglewood Today, the City of Inglewood’s official newspaper posted an article today discussing progress of the Residential Sound Insulation program citing their aggressive schedule to get as money homes done as possible. Many residents complained they weren’t eligible to receive the funds since they aren’t in the decimal range for consideration.  Mayor […]

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