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Heads up, there’s a strike tomorrow

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If you follow 2UrbanGirls on Twitter, you would know that there has been a strike at a popular Mexican food restaurant in Gardena.  Tomorrow, fast food workers will strike nationwide.

Where are they now

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During the 2013 local elections in Compton and Inglewood, many new faces ascended to the title of “elected officials”, but what happened to those who lost?

Hitting the nail on the head

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A speaker at a Republican National Committee luncheon commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington said issues concerning the gays and immigrants take priority over black people.

Inglewood Unified hires demoted superintendent from Lennox Unified

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Boy I tell you.  Dr. Don Brann has hired Jose “Joe” Dominguez to be the latest Chief Operations Officer (COO) in the Inglewood Unified School District.  How is the district ‘broke’ but continues to hire contractors?  

How does Carson councilman Mike Gipson feel about this

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As current Carson city councilman, Mike Gipson, makes his bid to replace Assemblyman Isadore Hall, 2UrbanGirls has not been able to pin point policies that Gipson has either championed or implemented in the city, that is newsworthy. 

Chicago Public Schools expands Safe Passage program

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#WhatDoWeTellOurSons about gang violence?  Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has expanded their Safe Passage program by adding hundreds of armed guards to assist children walking to/from school.

Foster families in desperate need by DCFS

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CDSS Interim Deputy Director David Dodds wrote to DCFS Director Philip Browning this month where Browning acknowledged the department is “desperate” for more foster parents, partly because of a surge in calls to its child protection hotline following publicity about the torture and killing of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez in Palmdale last May.

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