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City of Compton declares emergency on violence

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Now that the August hiatus is coming to a close in Compton, Mayor Aja Brown has returned with a new formed community alliance to address the rise in crime in the city.

Judy Dunlap is back in the (political) news

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  Former City of Inglewood council woman Judy Dunlap has landed back in the pages of the Wave Newspaper, courtesy of Betty Pleasant and the Soulvine. 

LADWP’s new billing system goes “live” next week

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LADWP customers are in for surprise when the water and power agency changes their billing from every two months to monthly.

Metro providing FREE bike traffic skills training in September

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  Metro is offering FREE bicycle traffic skills classes all over LA County through the month of September.

Let’s go back down Memory Lane

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Back in the days, politicians approached their job to reform the conditions of the people they were elected to serve.  How many of you remember the honorable former city councilman Gilbert Lindsay, the City of LA’s FIRST black councilman?

Shellie Zimmerman admits to marital problems

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Back in July, 2UrbanGirls posted an article titled “After the Love is Gone” in regards to what was going on in the marriage of George and Shellie Zimmerman.

Trump National Golf Course settles employees lawsuit

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First Donald Trump’s for profit college gets sued in the state of New York and today his golf course in Palos Verdes Estates settled with current and former employees to the tune of nearly a half a million dollars. Trump National employees claimed they were not allowed meal breaks and were subjected to ridicule and […]

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