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Well known Compton family suffers tragic loss

2UrbanGirls would like to send our condolences to the Dunbar family, who lost their grandfather yesterday after some thugs did a drive by on the family home yesterday.  Of all the people in the home, only the grandfather was hit. Mr. Dunbar not only raised his children but his grandchildren as well. RIP  

Disappointed with local black newspaper

This week I was disappointed with the Los Angeles Wave.  I read their online news daily and pick up weekly editions over at Carlton Square.  I read Olu’s articles on Inglewood Unified School District and have extensively referenced Soulvine articles regarding our Inglewood politicians.  So I couldn’t understand why there was not a single mention of Markeis Parish’s senseless death on […]


62nd Assembly candidates are the who’s who of the city

2UrbanGirls recently erred when stating Yvonne Brathwaite-Burkes daughter Autumn was running for Holly Mitchell’s assembly seat.  Autumn is in fact running for Steve Bradford’s termed out seat in the 62nd Assembly. Hmm…West Basin BOD Gloria Gray, Betsy Butler Asm. of the 53rd district  and former president of the CA Association of Realtors, LeFrancis Arnold, round out the candidates. […]

A real life Jumanji in our cities

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What’s up with all of these stray animals roaming our streets?  Cats, dogs, possums, raccoons, they all creep me out especially in the summer when fleas thrive!


Inglewood High School is hosting a fundraiser for Markeis Parish

The Inglewood Unified School District announced a car wash will take place this Saturday, July 27th from 12-5pm, to help raise funds to cover the burial costs of Inglewood High School student, Markeis Parish.

Where you at Westchester High School Alumni

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We are looking for Westchester Alumni and all Los Angeles High School Alumni to come out and join us at this annual event. We have so much in store for you, save the dates of August 24-25, 2013… Please come out and enjoy all the weekend festivities…

90-year-old cyclicst killed in Koreatown

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Another day, another bike death.  Video shows 90 year old Joo Yoon traveling on his bike in Koreatown, through the intersection, on a red light.  As the vehicle was approaching the intersection, the vehicle had the right of way and the cyclist was clearly in the wrong. 

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