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Inglewood USD Special Board Meeting Recap

Inglewood Unified School District’s interim state administrator, Mrs. LaTanya Kirk-Carter, held her final two meetings as both judge and jury of the district.  Astonishingly, there was only about forty people who attended the Wednesday evening meeting.  Today’s meeting was held at 8am but 2UrbanGirls did not attend. As expected, many positions were eliminated and a couple […]


Soulvine Thursday: June 27th Highlights

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Today is Soulvine Thursday in today’s Wave Newspaper.  Don’t you just love that the paper is now in color?  I know 2UrbanGirls does.  Here are the highlights from this weeks post.  A supervisors son holds a fundraiser, local activists are fundraising to attend George Zimmerman’s trial, a water board member declares her candidacy, the big Showdown at […]


2UrbanGirls speaks to the East Side Riders BC

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It appears that nearly twice a week 2UrbanGirls is reading about death.  Those who ride their bikes are being slaughtered at the hands of motorists at an increasingly alarming rate.  This is of concern because the message of bike advocates/groups don’t preach to cyclists about being safe, instead they preach to car drivers about “sharing […]


Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

There has been big hoopla surrounding the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and their controversial decisions on the Voting Rights Act and Same Sex Marriage.  Today the SCOTUS ruled that certain elements of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were unconstitutional and only served a political purpose.  SCOTUS further went on to state the ban on same-sex […]


IUSD Special Board Meeting: June 26th

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In the event you can’t make the 6pm Inglewood USD special board meeting at Crozier Middle School this evening, here are a few highlights on tonights agenda and those in bold are questionable:


Inglewood USD will hold TWO Special Board Meetings This Week

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Inglewood USD interim state administrator LaTanya Kirk-Carter sent out the following email last night referencing two special board meetings that will take place this week.  The first will be held, today at 6pm and Thursday morning beginning at 8am over at Crozier Middle School. 

The Showdown at the MTA Corral

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