2013 Year in Review

As we prepare to close out 2013 I remain in a pensive mood, however, I am optimistic for an awesome 2014.

For starters, Compton is on the road to recovery.  The residents have not only elected the cities 2nd female Mayor, Mrs. Aja Brown, but also the cities 1st Latino councilman Isaac Galvan.   Mayor Brown is optimistic about the possibility of annexation of Rancho Dominguez.

Inglewood is also on the road to recovery, in spite of recent reports discussing employee layoffs.  The Forum is set to open in a few weeks and a new housing development is scheduled to break ground on the site formerly known as Hollywood Park racetrack.  Mayor Butts remains optimistic about the NFL planting roots in our All-American city.

Inglewood Unified School District remains under receivership and could recover if LACOE would stop approving charter schools IUSD denies.

Gardena’a Mayor Paul Tanaka is running for LA County Sheriff, in spite of his federally identified gang tattoo. 2UrbanGirls is rooting for Lou Vince, the only candidate not affiliated with LASD, he’s LAPD.

Carson Mayor Jim Dear managed to oust city manager David Biggs and name a street after himself.  Councilman Mike Davis is running for State Assembly against Micah Ali, Steve Neal and Prophet Walker.

Hawthorne elected it’s 1st black Mayor Chris Brown who is preparing to create the cities first Ethics Commission.

Hot button environmental issues related to contaminated land continues to consume Carson, while the Los Angeles Archdiocese grapples with fracking activitie, on their properties, that are so horrendous that Senator Barbara Boxer had to intervene.

The LaPuente landfill closed and the “whirlwind” single handedly stopped Metro in its tracks.  Metro continues to price gauge residents through their toll roads (the whirlwind nixed the monthly maintenance fee). Metro is preparing to tax us, again, to fix the roads, while the oversight committee allows the money to be misspent.  They also want to change the voting threshold to pass new taxes.

I would be remissed if I don’t highlight the City of LA council for having a responsive and dedicated staff.  Their email addresses work and are willing to speak on the record, unlike other elected officials in LA County.

LAUSD has the monumental task of deciding how to fill the board seat of the late Marguerite LaMotte.

I have personally met many of the individuals discussed on 2UrbanGirls and they didn’t run from me. I suffered personal losses but remain devoted to covering issues of interest to me.

I continue to be impressed by those familiar with this blog. Having the opportunity to discuss issues with reputable journalists is a testament to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

The highlight of my year?  Meeting Ms. Betty Pleasant.  Period.

As we close out 2013 and prepare to welcome 2014, I remind you all I’m a blogger, not a writer.  Therefore I am no expert but a concerned citizen doing their part.

Until next year, be safe!

The Urbun Girl

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