Would implementing a dual-immersion language program at Inglewood Unified School District increase enrollment?

untitledInglewood residents are quite aware of the balance in racial demographics in the city.  The city is well over 60% Latino.  Latino’s also represent a great percentage of the students in the Inglewood Unified School District.  It is also high time we have a dual-language immersion program in the district to bring children back to IUSD.  Expeditiously.

In a previous article, I made a big deal out of Dr. Brann only being committed to the Latino students, and if he were to implement a dual-immersion language program, it would surely attract students back.

The highly anticipated Inglewood USD FCMAT report came out and fears that with the encroachment of the nearly two dozen charter schools in the area, it would be hard for IUSD to recover students to increase enrollment.  Dr. Brann, have you considered adding a dual-immersion language program?

Washington Elementary School, in Redondo Beach, has implemented a dual-immersion program for the Kindergarten students and the classes are booked solid.  The program began in 2012, with the majority of the students English only, the students are taught every lesson in Spanish, as reported in the Daily Breeze.

Madeline Ehrlich, started Advocates for Language Learning in Culver City, CA.

Madeline Ehrlich, started Advocates for Language Learning in Culver City, CA.

I was fortunate to recently meet former Culver City Unified School District board member Madeline Ehrlich, while volunteering on Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ campaign for State Assembly.  Madeline  founded Advocates for Language Learning (A.L.L.), a national organization that had chapters across the United States advocating language immersion in education.  She is a strong supporter of dual-immersion programs for children.  The organization raises funds to pay for the adjunct teachers in the classroom, who teach the languages, and her program started in Culver City Unified School District and is highly successful.  How inspiring!

Perhaps there is opportunity for collaboration on bringing enhanced learning opportunities to Inglewood students and having an organization started to raise the funds needed to provide the staff.  Any takers?

Listen to Madeline Ehrlich speak on Pt. 4 of 5 Advocacy: Fostering Positive Attitudes Towards Bilingualism.

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