Who should be our next State Superintendent of Public Schools in CA

IUSD2UrbanGirls is not a big fan of Tom Torlakson.  In fact, many Inglewood residents didn’t know who Torlakson was either until his office took over the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) back in 2012.  Since the takeover, not much has changed in Inglewood.

Inglewood still has a high number of charter schools.  Enrollment is still declining and a former IUSD school board candidates spouse has teamed up with union busting Parent Revolution, to bring more charters to the area.  Dr. Brann has overturned some layoffs implemented by our former interim superintendent.  For all of the IUSD employees, especially those in the front office, you may want to stop encouraging parents to leave the district.  If charters come in, you will surely lose your position.  Ask the teachers over at Crenshaw High School how that is working out for nearly half of the staff LET GO as a result of the school conversion to charters.

Marshall Tuck, the former president of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, who is funded by Revolution Prep, a new program being installed in LaTijera and Parent schools, and the Walton Foundation,  Mr. Tuck believes he has what it takes to run public education.  Tuck has previously been at the helm of Green Dot schools and is working on penetrating the state’s top job and a Ladera resident has teamed up to help dismantle Inglewood schools?  The very schools his wife wanted to be elected to advise? GET OUTTA HERE BOWERS!

2UrbanGirls has contacted Mr. Tuck’s campaign for some additional insight into his efforts, so be looking for it next month.  It is imperative to note that 2UrbanGirls is not a huge fan of Torlakson, but do not like the charter schools replacing public schools either.  Parents need that THIRD option-  VOUCHERS!

Media sources are doing everything in their power to paint the teachers as the single most influential factor of the decline of test scores but what is being overlooked is the LACK OF PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT IN THEIR CHILDREN”S EDUCATION.

How many times have you passed by, oh let’s say, The Savoy, The Cork, GS or anywhere else celebrating “Taco Tuesday” and the venue is PACKED.  Head over to the nearest school board meeting, parent/teacher conference, back-to-school night and/or PTA meeting and you hear crickets.  Why do urban communities place more emphasis of their nightlife and socializing over the raising of their children?  It is no coincidence that the Latino’s are being used to bring reform to the schools because they are protesting and filing lawsuits to ensure their kids have access to a quality education.  Does education not matter any more in Black households?

When are we going to discuss putting the blame where it needs to be, ON THE PARENTS!?

Should we look at implementing a policy for those on welfare and/or government subsidies that their children’s GRADES and SCHOOL ATTENDANCE records be taken into consideration to continue receiving public money?

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  1. rdsathene says:

    Right-wing poverty pimp Marshall Tuck isn’t qualified for the seat. He is not an educator and is ignorant about pedagogy and the nuances of education policy. Under his leadership Green Dot Corporate Charters had some of the lowest API and SAT scores in the county, while simultaneously having some of the highest remediation rates?

    Marshall Tuck’s tenure at PLAS was criticized by even the privatization friendly LA Times, which admitted that the neighboring public schools were doing better than PLAS schools. The distinguished Professor Diane Ravitch said that during Tuck’s stewardship at PLAS he “compiled a mediocre and unimpressive record”

    Lastly, Marshall Tuck’s disdain for people of color led him to shut down both ethnic studies at Santee, and heritage language programs at Ritter. Parents frequently protested Tuck since nearly all of his decisions were unilateral without community input. We don’t need a State Superintendent of Instruction with his background or record.

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