Midland Park Water Trust

waterWhat is the Midland Park Water Trust?  It appears to be a water source held in trust for a Compton family.  Their CEO stated at an earlier city of Compton council meeting, that there is no agreement between the city and the Trust for the transfer of water rights although Central Basin engineers say it was transferred legally. 

Water rights were established back in 1965 but the only Inglewood sources designated are the City of Inglewood and the Inglewood Park Cemetary Association.  The City of Inglewood is currently in litigation with Inglewood Unified School District over water rights as we speak.

In 2011, the City was informed that the trust no longer existed and they had to write-off uncollectable water bills.  If that’s the case, why was the individual, listed as the owner, discussing agreements in February 2013?  In April 2008, records show $4 million dollars (see page 2) allocated to purchase the water rights from the Trust to repair the water connections and destroy to inactive wells that the city requested back in 2002.  Mr. Smith said he had proof no agreements existed between the city and the Trust since 2001. Did the city ever pay the Trust?

This book details how Compton has six wells; five active and one inactive well where traces of the solvent TCE were found.

Let’s back up.  Compton based Demenno Kerdoon (DK) was fined for illegal dumping of cleaning solvents, without a permit, back in 1986.   In 1990, residents started complaining about being sick from the water and blaming DK.  Was DK illegally dumping the solvents in the water well?  Former Compton Mayor Walter Tucker III was charged with taking bribes from the recycler in 1995.

Is there a connection between the illegal dumping and the solvents found in the Trust’s water source which made the well inactive?






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