LAUSD messed up with this whole iPad thing

photo2UrbanGirls has been closely watching the LAUSD and their proposal to ensure EVERY student under their control has an iPad.  Today they started handing them out in Carson and Hawthorne.

When 2UrbanGirls inquired as to why kids in high school didn’t receive them first, they replied:

@2UrbanGirls @LASchoolReport Maybe more representative to see who we chose in this “phase”? It includes @WESMComets: ….

Of course, kids in poor neighborhoods are STILL losing out because only the kids in more affluent areas and/or charter schools are getting them first.

What the heck is going on?  John Deasey took a special trip to Crenshaw High School to state the school was failing so horribly he had to convert to three charter schools, but they aren’t on the first phase to receive?   When exactly will the urban areas be phased in?

Check the listing of schools slated to receive and it is no coincidence schools in BLACK/POOR neighborhoods are SHAMEFULLY missing.  I guess that’s one way to solve the whole “students will get jacked and/or sell them” thingie.

Heads up LAUSD you continue to mess over students with your horrible decisions especially those in areas your executives find less than desirable.

2UrbanGirls is still working on finding out why Century Park Elementary school is located in the City of Inglewood but is under LAUSD control.

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  1. Rinny Deed says:

    You know they are gonna mess it up. They cannot do it right or people could succeed and that is one thing LAUSD has a zero tolerance policy on and that is anyone in a hood succeeding .

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