Former IUSD school board candidate has her panties in a bunch

A recent review of the agenda meeting minutes shows that in March 2012, Margaret Richards-Bowers lost her position as President of the Ladera Heights Civic Association (LHCA).  She contested the results and after a recount, the votes stood.  SHE WAS OUT.  It was commented in the May 2012 meeting minutes:

Janine M. wrote:

Thank you for changing the way you solicit dues, I feel more comfortable giving now!

Read full minutes here

Why would residents “feel more comfortable” once certain members where not back on the board?

The LHCA board met again on October 12, 2012, where discussions took place in regards to Measure GG and the additional taxes it would bring to both Inglewood AND Ladera Heights residents, a fact I previously did not know that Measure GG would also increase Ladera homeowners taxes.

Well…upon further review, the LHCA states the following:

Opposition to Proposition GG – Motion made and seconded to oppose the passage of Measure GG, a measure which would approve the issuance of $90 million in construction bonds for the Inglewood School District and result in an additional tax of $44 per $100,000 of assessed property value to property owners in Inglewood and Ladera Heights. Motion was approved. Tracie Tabor Lyons agreed to prepare a response on behalf of the LHCA to be distributed to the LHCA community via e-mail.

So if the LHCA was clearly against the additional taxes, do they know that Mrs. Bowers spearheaded this measure being passed?  Was this revenge for being voted off the board?  She was the main person championing for the new taxes at the city council meetings over in Inglewood. Why?  In June Turner-Bakewell construction was awarded another contract to provide construction services to all IUSD schools based on Measure GG passing.

LA Sentinel has given Mrs. Bowers much coverage on her passion for Inglewood children but a review of the financial statements of the LHCA shows that annually only $1,000 is earmarked for Inglewood schools and the lone recipient is always Parent.  This past Friday, the LA Sentinel proudly announced a partnership between Brotherhood Crusade, Revolution K12 and IUSD for technology support for City Honors, LaTijera and you guessed it Parent.

She has participated in various community forums, she spoke not long ago at a IUSD school board meeting where IUSD school police had to calm down Mrs. Bowers husband from walking up on a woman he disagreed with.  The school police ultimately had to ask him to leave.

I was almost fooled into supporting her and anyone that paper supports I would seriously question.  Inglewood remembers the LaTijera project being built $17 million over budget.  Inglewood knows that LaTijera students could literally get shitted on while eating lunch since the $40 million spent building the school didn’t come with a cover over the lunch benches.  Inglewood also knows the district was seized by the state due to mismanagement of our funds. 

Why would the IUSD board award another contract to the person who already overbilled us?

Inglewood also knows of the recent developments in Compton- sweetheart deals and no bid contracts awarded to who? You already know.

Vote wisely, just remember, no one wants to hear your complaints if you aren’t voting at the polls tomorrow, April 2nd.


VOTE NO ON ALL SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES based on how they award contracts they clearly do not have Inglewood’s best interest at heart.

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