This IUSD partnership with Brotherhood Crusade is not equitable for all students

IUSDA recent article in the LA Sentinel reports a partnership between Revolution K12 and the Brotherhood Crusade, whose chairman of the board is the same vendor hired to build LaTijera, was given a grant by a foundation to provide technology services to students at City Honors, LaTijera and Parent.Why continue to do business with a company who has overbilled IUSD to build LaTijera?  Why are  so many contracts from IUSD attached to him?  Did this contract go to bid?  No other company was qualified?  This may be a reason why IUSD can’t solve its money issues because they continue to contract with the wrong people.  I wonder if the state and IUSD employees saw the recent expose covering some of the tactics the company uses to increase monies loaned on projects.  Why is this program not being offered to all IUSD schools and exclusive to only three which two of the schools are located in the more affluent Ladera area.  Monroe is a “magnet”school and was overlooked?  What’s up with the City of Inglewood v IUSD? So many questions, so little time.  Clearly someone’s hands are all in Inglewood USD’s cookie jar.

Brotherhood Crusade’s chairman Danny Bakewell is also part of Turner-Bakewell Construction.

[Campaign donations call mayoral ethics into question]

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Published on Thursday, 28 March 2013 23:48

Written by Sentinel News Service 

Two organizations join to create large-scale educational transformation within Inglewood Unified School District. Partnership brings financial support from grant awarded by the Stuart Foundation.

Revolution K12, a rapidly growing web-based adaptive software division of Revolution Prep, has partnered with The Brotherhood Crusade in a committed effort to transform the classrooms of three Inglewood Unified School District schools.  With the financial support from a grant generously awarded by the Stuart Foundation, City Honors High School and two of its feeder middle schools, La Tijera and Frank D. Parent, will receive professional development to help teachers become data-driven differentiators of instruction and online programs to support students build core math and English skills.

To deliver upon their promise, Revolution and The Brotherhood have launched STEP UP (Sustainable Transformation via Engaged Parents and Unified Pedagogy), a platform, from which district-wide strategies will be implemented, to target student needs, supply resources of support, and increase outcomes for students.

“In a district where one out of every five high school students drops out, going to college appears to be an insurmountable task for many.  But once teachers have the 21st century tools to teach in a blended learning environment, students begin to gain confidence and become increasingly engaged in academic achievement,” said Revolution Prep co-founder, Jake Neuberg.  “Our goal is to get each student back on an academic trajectory where college and career readiness is a reality.”

Partnered together throughout this initiative, the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade and Revolution aim to achieve a common vision of sustainable, whole-school transformation, which addresses the academic skills for students, instructional supports for teachers, and the role model and mentorship to build strong connections and supports for students in the Inglewood community. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Revolution K12 on this project.  Both Institutions are committed to strengthening professional development for teachers and assisting our youth with achieving academic success in and outside of the classroom,” said Brotherhood Crusade President, Charisse Bremond Weaver.

Revolution K12 continually strives to partner with like-minded organizations to improve academic outcomes for students. Other Revolution K12 partner organizations include 100 Black Men, EDU, Inc., BOOST Collaborative, and The Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, Beyond the Bell and the Hispanic College Fund.

About Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep is an educational software and services provider that, since 2002, has helped more than 100,000 students improve college readiness academic skills and score higher on the SAT, ACT, GMAT and other high-stakes exams. The company’s rapidly growing web-based adaptive software division, Revolution K12, helps students prepare for entrance into college by improving Mathematics and English Language Arts skills. Revolution K12 software is used by several of the nation’s largest school districts with documented success in boosting student achievement.

In addition to software and instruction, RK12 has developed national partnerships with a number of organizations that provide minority students with the opportunity to create and thrive along the educational path towards college and career success.  These partners, who include 100 Black Men, National Urban League, and EDU Inc., afford access to a network of support, resources, and funding helping to sustain the size and depth of impact at each school district.

From world-class test prep to online and in-person academic tutoring to software enabling educators to provide differentiated instruction, Revolution Prep is committed to its mission of transforming education by leveraging technology.  For more information, visit and

About The Stuart Foundation

The Stuart Foundation is dedicated to transforming public education and the child welfare system so that all youth can learn and achieve in school and life. The Foundation is a partner and convener in melding the resources, thinking, and energy necessary to create and sustain system-wide change in California and Washington. It invests in programs and practices that serve as scalable and sustainable models and that inform policy.

The Stuart Foundation is dedicated to the protection, education and development of children and youth.  We work toward ensuring that all children grow up in caring families, learn in vibrant and effective schools, and have opportunities to become productive members of their communities. We focus our investments on projects, programs and organizations making an impact in the States of California and Washington.

The Foundation partners with selected organizations that:

•         Develop and disseminate innovative programs and practices

•           Contribute to effective public policy to improve conditions for children and youth

•           Support and develop the potential of young people

In turn, the Stuart Foundation dedicates time, money, expertise and advocacy to each partnership.  Many of our partnerships are long-term, and some have spanned over a decade of successful collaboration.

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Minutes of the Regular Board of Education Meeting Page 21 of 23 Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On motion made by Dr. Johnny Young, seconded by Ms. Trina Williams with abstention by Ms. Alena Giardina and carried, the Board of Education approved the items in the Measure K Fund Section with the exception of the following items pulled for discussion: a and b

a. On motion made by Dr. Johnny Young, seconded by Ms. Trina Williams, opposed by Ms. Alena Giardina with an abstention by Mrs. Carol Raines-Brown, the Board of Education ratified/approved the following Purchase Orders:

b. On motion made by Dr. Johnny Young seconded by Ms. Trina Williams, opposed by Ms. Alena Giardina with an abstention by Mrs. Carol Raines-Brown and carried, the Board of Education approved the Turner-Bakewell Construction Company to provide construction management/consultant services for District-wide school construction projects. Also, the administration request authorization to enter into a District-wide contract with Turner-Bakewell Construction Company for these services.

Fiscal Impact

: Will be determined by the upcoming contracts.

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  1. CJ says:

    Danny Bakewell is a poverty pimp and fame whore. Everyone in Los Angeles knows he’s a crook!

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