**UPDATED 3/30** Community Forum for IUSD stakeholders March 27th


**updated 3/30/13

Inglewood, CA- I must admit I was not happy to see the LA Sentinel endorse two of the current school board candidates.  I had my reservations when I saw one was attached to the Measure GG oversight committe and was responsible for spearheading the efforts to get it passed.  Instead of outright judging and jumping to conclusions, I waited to hear what she had to say.  Very passionate, vocal and visible.  Having heard the candidates speak at this very forum was another opportunity to hear them champion for the children.  I was convinced they could make a difference.  That was until yesterday, Friday, that an announcement of a partnership between the IUSD and Revolution K12 and Brotherhood Crusade.  Upon first hearing this I wondered how this would benefit our district.  It doesn’t, it primarily benefits those living in the Ladera community whose children attend either Latijera or Parent and the City Honors program, since those will be the only students teachers will recieve top notch training and resources to implement more technology in the classroom.  What about the other 19 schools in the districts candidates?  This whole thing reeks!

So basically the same individual who recieved an additional $17milion dollars of Inglewood USD’s money is now trying to get back in through these candiadates?  A search through the LA Times archives showed the indidual has a previously supplied in kind campaign donation contributions in exchange for access to his connections.  Bakewell 2, IUSD 0.

How you gonna vote Inglewood? 

**updated 3/28/13**

The turnout to the community forum was disappointing.  Elliot Petty, D’Artagnan Scorza and Tawana Cherry were the evenings moderators.  We have seen packed IUSD board meetings when jobs are on the line, and the total opposite when we attempt to come together to find solutions.  We are outraged by the state takeover on one hand, but no unified force to continue pressing forward.  It was gratifying to see current and former advisory board members in attendance, current candidates for both the school district and Inglewood city council where present.  It demonstrated they cared by giving their time on a Wednesday evening.  Many of our candidates are mothers themselves.  It is hard enough juggling mommy duties, work, and carving in some “me” time.  To consistently and continuously take time out to advocate on behalf of the kids in the district is a tireless and thankless job and their attendance was very much appreciated.

The moderators conducted a wonderful presentation, although I would ask that next time audience members receive a handout of the presentation.  The audience was engaged and asked thought-provoking questions which in turn we received tangible feedback.

Inglewood residents, we have a LOT of work to do in order to get our IUSD back under local control.   This picture floating around Facebook sums it up perfectly.

How will your kids afford these things if they aren't educated enough to be employable?

How will your kids afford these things if they aren’t educated enough to be employable?

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  3. CJ says:

    So Inglewood has given him both Measure K and Measure GG money with these contracts and they are closing departments and laying off but can pay him? Pathetic.

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