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Expungement Forum: Reduce your Felony to a Misdemeanor

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 The Los Angeles County DPSS will be hosting an Expungement Forum for those individuals needing assistance, to reduce convictions, in order to be eligible for employment.  

Campaign Fundraiser: Satra Zurita

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Satra Zurita is up for re-election as Compton Unified School District Board Trustee.  You may support her efforts either in person or through her website. 

Inglewood residents support Measure GG, Ladera Heights residents do NOT

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 Inglewood residents are working double time trying to convince everyone and their mama to vote on Measure GG.  Measure GG will ask Inglewood and Ladera Heights residents, to increase their property taxes to upgrade schools that missed out on Measure K funds. Should Measure GG pass, please keep in mind: – Danny Bakewell could get […]


City of Inglewood residents are balling out of control

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How many times have you visited an Inglewood Jets or Rising Stars of America practice over at Darby Park and come back to your car to find a special package left by the Ticket Man?  The Ticket Man, as he affectionately calls himself, has got to be the pride and joy of the City of […]

Word on the Streets: Compton

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 I am always keeping my ear to the ground when it comes to the movement of key political figures in our community.  Word on the streets, in Compton, are that there are going to be some possible shakeups to those running in the coming election.  Here is the tea…


Did you see the space shuttle?

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 Unless you live under a rock, the big news this weekend was the Space Shuttle Endeavour rolling down Manchester and Crenshaw Blvd’s.  It was a sight to see.  I for one, had zero intentions of sitting outside all night to watch the shuttle move at a snail’s pace towards its new retirement home.  But I did […]

Poor Danny Bakewell Sr…NOT

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There are certain little things that life offers that really make my world go ’round.  The most important little thing in my life is the ability to read and comprehend.  As a child I loved to read.  Novels, periodicals, almanacs and especially newspapers.  There is nothing like turning the pages and having that ink smeared […]


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