Kent Taylor REMOVED as State Appointed Superintendent to IUSD

Former State Superintendent Kent Taylor

Former State Superintendent Kent Taylor

Aww damn, Kent Taylor has resigned from his post as superintendent of the Inglewood Unified School District, effective immediately.  Kent Taylor, who is an alumnus of the Inglewood Unified School District having attended Oak St., Crozier and Inglewood High School, stepped down Friday after state officials learned he’d made financial commitments without approval from the department, according to the release. Among Taylor’s apparent missteps was a move to enter into a tentative agreement with the teachers union before the state had completed a financial review and comprehensive plan for returning the district to fiscal health.The tentative agreement, reached Tuesday, called for the teachers to lose two days’ worth of pay in 2013-14, and then four days the following year. The length of the school year would be shortened in kind.

Scott Hannan, the state’s director of fiscal services, declared the deal invalid.  “Mr. Taylor has acted beyond the scope of his authority,” the letter stated.

In my opinion, this is real ignorant.  As the state appointed superintendent wasn’t he given the rights to make these decisions as he did not need board approval to do so?  The current board serves in an advisory capacity, thus making their contributions minimal.  It is also my opinion that Mr. Taylor was used, as a former IUSD student, to get the votes needed to pass Measure GG then his services where no longer needed.  Perfect timing right?

Since Taylor drew a salary of about $200,000 his contract includes a termination clause that gives him a six-month payout, so he will receive about $100,000, said Paul Hefner, communications director for the California Department of Education.  Taylor will be replaced on an interim basis by his second-in-command, La Tanya Kirk-Carter, whom he hired.

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