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IUSDInglewood Unified School District (IUSD) held the 1st meeting of the upcoming 2012-2013 school year last night.  Board members where in closed session until around 8:15pm discussing closed items.   Those in attendance where primarily IUSD employees: nutrition workers, purchasing staff and the custodians.  Seeing the IUSD School Police present wasn’t out the ordinary, since they are there to keep decorum in the audience.   However, after reviewing the agenda, all 400+ pages of it, it became clear why so many personnel staff where there, in the summer no less.  The Boards recommendations on budget reductions are absurd.

In today’s issue of Inglewood Today, there is an article titled, “IUSD Brainstorms Ways to Avoid Takeover“.  Will this is interesting for thus far, the brainstorming has yielded talks about selling school property and laying off staff.  At monday’s Superintendent Parent Advisory Meeting, Superintendent McHenry made it clear that if school property where to be considered for selling, that by law, IUSD must first offer to a charter school.  IUSD has a history of denying charter schools thus requiring that the charters go around IUSD and apply with LACOE.  Once approved the charter has five years before they must reapply.  At that point, IUSD has a hard time saying no.

IUSD Superintendent McHenry

This wouldn’t be problematic if todays edition of the Inglewood Today didn’t quote School Board President Trina L. Williams stating, “the city (of Inglewood) has been interested in the properties located at: Center Park (next to Worthington) and the strip of land behind Morningside High School and the city and the IUSD Board are having the properties appraised”.  Why didn’t the article mention any possible charter schools looking at the properties?  Because the properties mentioned are not schools.  Center Park is adjacent to the school but has a fence around it so you can’t use after hours and the field behind Morningside has been empty since the school opened.  As long as they create the Surplus Property Advisory Committe, they could very well suggest not selling a school but selling the “vacant” property instead.    Very strategic McHenry.

Selling of school property is a serious issue when you are talking about combining three schools – Daniel Freeman, Claude Hudnall and Warren Lane, you think you are justifying laying off (10) custodians.  Custodians tend to our schools year round.  Once school lets out they are doing a spring clean of the classrooms, stripping and waxing the floors, disinfecting bathrooms and preparing for the children’s return.  How does combining/closing schools encourage students to remain in the district?  Nonetheless, the item we where patiently waiting to hear on was the vote to eliminate the entire IUSD School Police Department!

The Board is composed of educated and distinguished community leaders, so in my opinion, what educated person would even consider eliminating the school police?  Gang activity and drugs on campus have increased, many rumors circulate around the district about IUSD staff getting high with students, and now the school police create a burden on our general fund?  Who is going to protect the staff and students?   The IUSD school police are present daily outside of both Inglewood and Morningside High Schools when school is let out.  IUSD school police are present in the mornings, prior to school starting, due to the increased number of children being dropped off between 7-7:30 am (you do know some schools won’t let the children in because they aren’t responsible for them until 7:40 when breakfast is served).  IUSD responds when the school calls regarding children gone wild.  In short, IUSD tries to maintain a sense of safety and security for both the students and their parents.

As community members we attend school sponsored sporting events, graduations, and some parents still pop up on campus to check things out, and how are we to feel safer knowing there is no school police?  How do we feel comfortable sending our kids to school at campuses, in less than desirable areas, with no police presence?  The new scenario would involve IPD taking over as our school police, which makes no since taking into consideration that the needs of the city are priority over the schools.

School personnel found some relief in finding out that once again, the agenda item was postponed.  However, that does little to ease the nerves of those up for the chopping block.  Proposed positions to be eliminated are: (1) purchasing, (10) custodians, (4) nurses (1) attendance worker, (1) member of McHenry’s staff (he has 3 assistants) and the current school police department which is down to (4) officers and the Chief.  Total proposed savings? Approx. $1 million dollars.  So while IUSD is brainstorming on cutting jobs, did I mention that IUSD is still hiring?  How are we so broke we can’t pay for the staff we have yet have money to bring on new employees?  Bad news, even with a state takeover we still have to pay McHenry.  Good news is, the state won’t be listening to a thing McHenry has to say.

This Board tells an extreme amount of material falsehoods of the truth please plan to attend the next IUSD Board Meeting which will take place on Wednesday, 8/29 @ 7pm.

If you would like to speak to Superintendent McHenry, in a smaller 1:1 fashion, the next Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Meeting is Monday, Sept. 10th @ 6:30pm.

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