City Hall staffers arrested on suspicion of DUI


Two members of the staff of city council members Gil Cedillo and Marqueece Harris-Dawson, were both arrested, within an hour of each other, early Saturday morning, on March 12th.  One was driving a city vehicle, while the other was in his personal vehicle.

An investigation conducted by CBS’ David Goldstein, back in 2011, revealed city hall regularly allows city employees to use taxpayer-funded vehicles and fuel, when away from work.

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Council District 8 Field Deputy ,Fredy Torres, was apparently running errands at 1:00 am for  a tree planting ceremony, scheduled to begin at 8:30 am at Lorraine Miller Elementary.  Booking records show Torres was released at 12:50 pm.  His court date is scheduled for April 6th at 1945 Hill St. in Division 60.  Will expense reimbursement reports corroborate his story?


Fredy-Ceja-x400Council District 1 staffer, Fredy Ceja, is still a resident of the Mens Central Jail, having his first court date scheduled for today.  In addition to working for Darrel Steinberg and Gil Cedillo, Ceja is a huge advocate in the LGBT community, after testing positive for HIV over a decade ago.  Ceja was arrested in Downtown Los Angeles after colliding with a Metro bus.



This issue will certainly become another area in need of “reform” within the confines of City Hall.  One would think this practice would’ve stopped, after the CBS investigation, but as with most “reform” measures, they wait until the heat is off, and then its back to business as usual.


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