.@IsadoreHall and @SteveBradford prepare to battle for Senator Rod Wright’s seat

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State Senator Rod Wright was sentenced to 90 days in the L.A. County jails for voter fraud and perjury.  In addition to his 90 days, he was ordered to perform 1,500 hours of community service, is barred from ever holding public office and on three years felony probation.

Soulvine: LAPD Cop Thinks Unarmed Black Men Kill Themselves

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2UrbanGirls is VERY happy to see regular articles back from Betty Pleasant.  Now that she is free from the confines of the Los Angeles Wave newspaper, who by the way is STILL refusing to publish articles submitted on how African-American’s suffer at the hands of the Long Beach Police Department, she has taken her talents […]

.@ComptonUnified Board Trustee wants you to know…

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Compton Unified Board of Trustees held a regular board meeting last night and on the agenda was a community meeting to discuss the fallout from their Urban Rifle Policy.  Apparently the board members don’t read their agendas nor the items they are voting on.  The Urban Rifle Policy passed unanimously.  After the community uproar, some […]

Does City of Los Angeles Mayor .@EricGarcetti condone #DomesticViolence

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The game of politics is a dirty one.  Many elected members have staff that can find themselves in quite a pickle and can become a liability to their boss.  Elected officials know that all to well, so it’s not surprising when staffers bounce from elected to elected to remain employed.  In this case, City of […]

The latest Betty Pleasant article on the LAPD

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Looks like I’m going to have to start back following CityWatchLA on twitter.  I found Betty Pleasant’s latest article on their site and its dated from last week.  In my grandma’s words “hot damn”!  

Did Mayor .@EricGarcetti deceive Angelenos on the Budweiser Made in America Fest

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There has been much fuss made over the Budweiser Made in America Fest in terms of ROI for City of Los Angeles taxpayers, who footed the bill.  Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office said many local nonprofits would benefit from the festival.  United Way of Greater Los Angeles, L.A. Streetcar and SRO Housing, to name a few. […]


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