2 Urban Girls 2016 Voter Guide

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2 Urban Girls is excited to present to you our 2016 voting guide.  This list includes local and state ballot measures.  FYI, this blog will never endorse a candidate for judge. They don’t debate and visions of Mark Ciavarella’s deception as a republican with democrat rhetoric used for selling kids to prisons for cash, still dances […]

Serena & Venus Williams want to give back to the city of Compton

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Serena and Venus Williams are proposing a self funded resource center at the Compton Metro station.  Named in honor of their sister, Yetunde Price, who was killed in Compton back in 2003.  Although the 1st floor was reserved for a juicery, that was city subsidized and still yet to open, the mayor and council are […]

Is Demenno Kerdoon continuing to illegally dump in the Compton Creek

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Demenno Kerdoon (DK), World Oil and Council member Tana McCoy invite you to help them clean up the Compton Creek.  This announcement comes weeks after the city was fined $160,000, for raw sewage and other pollutants that spilled into Compton Creek at least eight times from 2010 to 2013, which the city failed to report.  Did DK’s campaign […]

Compton Community College seeks new board trustee

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Due to the resignation of Compton Community College District Board President, Leslie Irving, a spot has opened up for Trustee Area #2, one of the key offices to represent the City of Compton.  This persons will be appointed and serve until the next election scheduled for 2017.   Four candidates have placed their names into […]

Redistricting Matters

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Are legislators playing a shell game with our votes?  Redistricting is a term used to draw new legislative boundaries, with the possible hope of usurping the minority vote.  As new census data is made available every decade, it is becoming harder for voters to keep track of who represented their respective areas.  Particularly minorities.  Areas […]


Local leaders support Isadore Hall for Congress

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As Election Day draws near (Tuesday, November 8), more local and state representatives are pledging their support behind Sen. Isadore Hall’s candidacy for Congress.

Governor Jerry Brown endorses Isadore Hall for Congress

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Continuing to build momentum for next month’s General Election, Sen. Isadore Hall is happy to have the continued support of our Governor Jerry Brown. 

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