Compton Mayor Aja Brown is getting down to business

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Compton Mayor Aja Brown is getting down to business to bring reform to the Hub City.  Compton residents can recall a highly publicized mayoral election that took place last summer.    DUring the election the most memorable event came courtesy of KCET’s award-winning show SoCal Connected.

Inglewood Unified School District State Administrators allow staff to go UNPAID

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Inglewood Unified School District’s state appointed administrator, Dr. Don Brann, has made many sweeping changes throughout the district.  Many departments were wiped out in favor of contractors, however, recent events surrounding payroll concerns could place the already cash strapped district in a legal dispute.

Algebra 1 failure tied to poverty

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The Sol Price School of Public Policy at USC is holding a conference titled Innovating to End Urban Poverty Conference where they are discussing whether Algebra is a necessary subject to teach to our students.  Is this where the notion derived that children should no longer be taught how to write in cursive?

Maxine Waters calls for investigation into LAX airport security

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters has repeated her pleas calling for an investigation into the security at one of the worlds busiest airports, Los Angeles International or as we call it, LAX.  It even made the front page of the Inglewood Today, Inglewood’s official newspaper.

Los Angeles County officials prepare to discuss Measure R Part Deux

Move LA’s 6th Annual Transportation Conversation takes place tomorrow with the topic being Imagining Measure R2.  Representing the current Measure R Oversight Committee is Jacki Bacharach (SBCCOG), opening remarks will be delivered by Move LA Vice-Chair and former mayor of Inglewood Danny Tabor.

Inglewood Unified School District State Administrator is ignoring the black community

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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, hand-picked Dr. Don Brann to lead the Inglewood Unified School District after relieving the first two, who were black, from their position.  It is widely known that Inglewood Unified is one of the last majority black student districts and the two aforementioned are turning their backs on the black students, parents, […]


Inglewood Unified School District State Administrator misleads Inglewood community over $38k “junket”

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Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) state appointed administrator Dr. Don Brann recently made news when it was revealed IUSD employees went on a training that cost the district $38k.  Dr. Brann publicly claimed he did not know why/how it was spent.  2UrbanGirls does.


Beyond the Resume: A Closer Look at Genethia Hudley-Hayes, Candidate for LAUSD, Board District 1

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“I’m not running on my resume, I’m running on a record…”

Omarosa Manigault on her bid for LAUSD, District 1

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Omarosa Manigault gave an exclusive interview with Asali J, a contributing writer for 2UrbanGirls on her decision to run in the special election for LAUSD Board, District 1.

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